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BlackSoft is a boutique Custom Software Development Company. We offer cost-effective custom solutions for the Application Development process. We will work with you through full SDLC process to deliver turnkey solution; we do it all - analysis, design, development and installation of computer systems in many areas of business; we can build both software and firmware; we can work with multi-platform Systems; we build single desktop applications as well as Enterprise and Web applications; we can re-engineer or upgrade your existing legacy software to Web or Enterprise architecture.

We offer our clients a wide range of software development and consulting services, no job is too small for us. We even do urgent software development (in a matter of days) and emergency troubleshooting.

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Enterprise Application Systems

We have more than 20 years of experience and deep expertise in building computer systems solutions of various complexity levels from simple desktop application to an Enterprise System. We have been developing and supporting software systems for Banks, Power Generation, Utilities, Communications, Logistics, Expert Systems and other business domains.

Web Development

We develop Sophisticated Custom Web sites, Web Applications, Corporate and Internet focused projects. Moreover, we support web services for the clients who prefer to have the work done on the business web server rather than having applications deployed on their server to save on software and hardware purchase and maintenance.

Process Control and Firmware

We have experience in developing embedded software and firmware as well as creating specialised Operating Systems and BIOS. We can program in Assembly language and even machine codes.
We developed a few data acquisition and process control systems and can cater to many problems in this area, just tell us what you need!


We specialise in Analytical Performance Calculations, Math Algorithms, Data Acquisition and Process Control Systems (Software and Firmware). Our strength is in perfectly optimised algorithms of programming (e.g. expertly using Assembly language) resulting in our systems beating most competition in performance.
Please visit our Solutions page for details.


We offer full customisation of our products' baseline versions. Plus HCube-It - Hypercube Analytical Processing System, AutoTAD - Compliance and Financial Reporting System and are offered as web services with one-off or term subscription. All our business management suites can be offered online or via cloud as well. Please visit our Products page for details.


We develop systems for multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Android.
We develop mobile Apps, Web services and Web Sites.

It is well known that cross-platform apps have limitations in terms of what they can deliver, however we can tackle many non-standard problems related to cross-platforms.

How It Works

01 Contact


Tell us about your requirements whether you firmly worked them out or you just have a vague idea. We will work with every shred of information you provide.
Please use our Contact Form, or simply call us and our specialist will guide you in requirements gathering process.

02 Analysis


We will promptly get back to you to clarify your project requirements. Our experienced analyst will work with you to ensure we have solid idea of what you need built.

03 Proposed Solution


We will provide detailed absolutely free non-binding proposal for your review. Once approved and signed you'll have the benefit of the same team of experts who created the proposal developing the solution!
For further details please visit Solutions page.

About Us

Our Mission is bringing Science and Art back to Software Systems Development! Having very unique education and background in the field we take pride in high quality of system design and coding.
We have developed the wide range of products: Financial Software, Business Intelligence, Hypercubes, Expert Systems; Accounting, Compliance Reporting, Bookkeeping and Analytical Software; Data Acquisition and Performance Measurements Systems; Networking, Intranet, Enterprise and Web projects; Firmware and Process Control. We aced Multi-threaded, Real-time and Embedded software. We are experienced with Windows and Unix platforms.
We are truly SDLC Company - we see it all through from scratch to delivery to a customer with high quality technical support guarantee. We are used to working on projects considering all requirements and ideas of our customer, assisting them in creating requirements and overseeing the entire process of development.
We work very quickly and efficiently, however we are continuously in touch with our customer, and we can always make some changes along the way of development. We work very interactively; our goal is full customer's satisfaction.
We have a special knack to develop high quality code with efficient testing and we can deliver our product in a short term of time. We are always ready to make agreement with our customer for extra technical support, we are never afraid of making changes and improvement into the working product, and our customer will be assured that quality of improved project may be only better than previous version.
We provide our customers with good quality documentation, support and guidance and always ready to answer questions and provide help, or in the emergency case to send our skilled trouble-shooter.
If you need quick and competent solution or expertise in Computer Science field; require accomplishing either urgent or non-standard task; and you want to invest in high quality product and not some fancy brand - contact BlackSoft, we will solve your problems fashionable way!


BlackSoft Inc. originally was founded in November 1998 in Ontario, Canada. We have been developing computer systems, consulting, doing custom software development and business analysis as boutique firm ever since. Before we had been incorporated in Canada we had 10 years’ experience of making our market in "Eastern" block and Asian countries and holding strong a niche in Telecommunications, Process Control and Financial Software. We have great deal of expertise in both software and firmware development. For a long time it’s been two to four of us, even now we keep small, but efficient team of highly qualified professionals and can cater to any business be it a large global bank or small supply chain company.


Three years ago we opened a company in Belize - a small Commonwealth country on the Caribbean cost tucked in snuggly between large and fast developing Caribbean region and Spanish speaking Central America. Belize is more famous for its tourism and Maya heritage, but despite it is unlikely place for a Software Company, we love this geographic and trying to promote best software development technologies in the region and bridge to Latin America looking to partner up with local talents.

Recently we have been developing software for Financial Institutions and Law Firms and focusing on expanding our Mobile and Cross-Platform development.

Contact Us

Tell us about your project - be it a well defined requirements specification, a functional description or just a higher-level idea about a software or system you need to have built - share it with us. We will allocate experienced business analysts to process your request and work with you interactively on solidifying your requirements so we can propose you a solution or even build a prototype during Proposal Phase.


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Belize, Central America and
Ontario, Canada

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